A co-host and the iTunes music store

After being mentioned on John Cook’s skeptical science site, I have had some great offers for help. One person in particular, Graham Wayne, has stepped up to the plate and offered his services as a co-host, and even donated some music for the podcast intro.  We recorded the next episode together today (it should be out in a day or so) and while the addition of a co-host has changed the feel of the show I think it is defiantly for the better. Many thanks Graham!

Also exciting  is the the podcast is now available in the iTunes music store. Hopefully once we get a few more episodes produced it will show up high in the search results.

And before anyone asks I did also submit the podcast to the Zune store but we still aren’t listed there, though you can still subscribe to the podcast with your Zune by clicking on the Zune feed.

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