Flying solo

Just a quick note as to why it is just me this week. I am sad to report that Graham Wayne is no longer able to co-host the podcast with me. I own Graham a great deal; he has been instrumental in improving the quality of irregular climate. He will be missed. Thankfully he has allowed me to continue to use the music he composed as the theme music for the podcast.

Thanks for everything Graham.

For now, I will be flying solo, except for the skeptic debunk of the week provided by John Cook. However if you are interested in producing a segment yourself please drop me a line.

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  1. Cheers Dan – really appreciate the remarks. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more shows but – in answer to Cap’n Planet – I ran out of money and had to take some work up country. This precluded taking part in the podcast, although the job does entail sitting around a lot watching reels of tape spinning, so I’ve been able to write more for my blog this week than in the last month.

    Anyway, my great thanks to Dan for a fun opportunity to address a serious subject. And I’m not done yet, that’s for sure…


    • Graham,
      Sorry you’re not on the show any more. The two of you complemented each other very well.

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