Putting the irregular in Irregular Climate…

… at least as far as the schedule is concerned.

I am sure all of you have noticed that I haven’t been able to get the episodes out in any timely manner, to say nothing of the show notes. I am sorry (I’ve been apologizing a lot lately, sorry for that).

But thing don’t look like they are going to get any better anytime soon, so I am officially stating that Irregular Climate will have an irregular release schedule, and fewer episodes per month. I don’t like this, frankly it really sucks, but for now I see no alternative (if only Al Gore would pay up!).

I still hope to get 2-3 episodes out per month, just don’t expect them with any regularity.

The good news (yes I am scratching the bottom of the barrel) is that if you subscribe to the podcast, rather than visiting the website,  you will get the episodes no matter when they are released.

To subscribe click on the links bellow.

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Thanks for your continued support.

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